We at Sakari believe that talent should match the demand. That is why we work with a selected set of talented game developers whom each have their specialities  This makes the team differ every project and assures that the right people are working on the right job. This is a huge benefit to both the client and the team.

Pepijn Rijnders

As an artist at Davilex Games, Pepijn was one of the first artists in the Benelux to work with the Playstation 2 development tools. After tuning his art and animation skills at university, his hunger for game development returned. At Playlogic Game Factory he dove into the Playstation 3 game development tools, working on the artwork for “Aqua Vita”, a Playstation Eye title.

During his career, Pepijn worked on a solid list of titles and learned the ropes of the games industry. He can be described as a creative, yet technical, artist with a wide range of skills that cover all game development areas.

In the summer of 2007 Pepijn started as a freelance game artist. To pursue his personal goals and dreams in the games industry and to expand his success as a freelancer, he founded Sakari Games.

Softography of Pepijn Rijnders


A2 Racer 4
US Racer
Knight Rider
Wizard of Funk
Aqua Vita




Davilex Games, NL
Davilex Games, NL
Davilex Games, NL
Playlogic Game Factory, NL
Playlogic Game Factory, NL
& Sony London, UK

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