A Spicy fast-paced RTS


Press release Antwerp, Belgium xx/xx/xxxx

It might look like the next strategy game in line, but in reality no other strategy game bring that couch feeling to your living room as much as Rover Wars, Sakari Games’ latest contrubution to the global games library.

Rover Wars has a high focus on couch play and will serve perfectly with some beers and good company.
The mechanics are very simple: you control your Rover from a fixed bird's eye view perspective.
You gather as much resources as you can by destroying the opponents factories and Rover, whilst building your own legion.
The first player to bring the opponent’s base health down to 0 wins the round.

Expand your legion!

Whilst withstanding your enemy you get to build your own legion of factories and minions. There are 3 types of factories with their representative minions;

  • A Melee Factory produces melee minions, a steady versatile but short ranged minions.
  • A Rocket Factory produces rocket minions, a long ranged but weak minion.
  • A Bomber Factory produces bomber minions, that explode on first contact with an opposing character

Rover Wars offers a battle mode and a modest campaign.
The battle mode gives the players the possibility to play any map in the game with a custom set of rules, chosen by the players themselves.
The campaign takes you through a planetary journey with increasingly difficult missions, teaching the players the ropes and different tactics.

A journey through the cosmos

The 17 maps Rover Wars has to offer are spread over 3 themes;

  • Mars, the red planet as we know it, offering 6 maps with standard layouts.
  • Trappist - 1e, a cold, rocky planet, offering 5 maps with advanced layouts.
  • Beta Librae, a mossy and green planet, offering 6 maps with complex layouts.

The environments are polished and well designed to serve different tactics and strategies.

Rover Wars is to be released on
Nintendo Switch and Steam for Pc, Mac and Linux on April 17, 2020,
With Xbox One
coming in the near future.
Like any wise indie studio Sakari Games will put the game on more online distributors such as and the Mac Appstore.