Working at Sakari (Antwerp, BE)

"Never be afraid to try something new!"

Send your application to with your portfolio, resume, and most important: your cover letter.

All-around Unity programmer

What you will be doing

  • You will be working on a wide range of Unity projects: ranging from entertainment games, military training simulators, artistic museum projects to brand experiences.
  • You will be diving into new technologies, driven by what the project at hand needs.
  • You will manage your own work, in communication with the team, and be able to take responsibility for the work you deliver.


  • You are a quick learner & and always have a strong urge to dive into new tech, and every day learn new things. Learning gives you energy, and makes you happy.
  • You have strong programming knowledge, including C#.
  • You have a strong team-oriented mentality.
  • You have wide experience with working in Unity: 3D graphics, Physics, Math for gamedev, UI, tooling, ...
  • You’re fluent in English.
  • You pride yourself on writing clean, robust and maintainable code.
  • You can make basic placeholder graphics/UI.
  • You have experience with working with Git, or other version control software.
  • You'd self describe yourself as a creative person.
  • You can work independently.

Bonus points

  • You are skilled in performance analysis and optimization.
  • You have experience with web development.
  • You have experience with 3D artist workflows.
  • You have experience with multiplayer netcode.
  • You have experience with electronics.
  • You have experience with data science.
  • You have experience with any other technologies or fields of creative craft.
  • Have an interest in keeping up to date on what new tech is coming out and how cutting-edge technology evolves in the world.
  • You’re fluent in Dutch.

How we work

  • We work in a flat hierarchy, where you will be directly communicating with the others in the team, and the clients.
  • We work on location in our office in the heart of Antwerp. And believe in the benefits this brings to team communication, and more importantly: enjoying the day as a team. We say "office", but in a way it kinda looks like a living room, where we make things with computers, 3D printers, elektronics, and play games (sometimes?). We have an indoor swing.
  • We use very flexible hours. As long as you get the job well done, manage to have fun in the meanwhile, and are present at client meetings, all is good.
  • Personal growth and satisfaction is important. So depending on your interests, you get a say in what sort of projects we take on.

Send your application to with your portfolio, resume, and most important: your cover letter.


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